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Unwrap the Brilliance of Our Permanent Light Services Below!

undermount permanent lights

Celebrate any occasion with these color-changing LED lights

Bring your home's outdoor style to light with our color-changing LED lights. Practically invisible by day, our permanent holiday lights blend in with your home’s fascia for a seamless look, while our lights are uniquely expressive by night thanks to our customizable color app. Install these permanent lights once and let them light up your day-to-day moments, celebrations and seasons for years to come!

No matter the business, outshine the competition
with commercial outdoor lighting

Making your business more noticeable has never been easier — or more colorful! — with our color-changing commercial outdoor lighting solutions. Not only are our permanent lights the perfect replacement to tired string lighting thanks to its energy-efficient, maintenance-free design, but this system pulls double duty EVERY holiday season thanks to its intuitive smart controls. Imagine maintenance-free holiday and commercial lighting at your fingertips for every sales event and special occasion.

commercial building permanent lights

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Do I need to be at home during the time of installation?

No, no one needs to be on-site at the time of holiday light installation. It is recommended pets be put up and if the yard is fenced there is at least one accessible point of entry.

Is there any warranty on the lights and equipment?

All the lights are tested onsite to ensure they are in good working condition. If any lights we install go out, they will be replaced at no charge under our free service call and warranty policy.

What does the removal process look like?

The removal process will take place in the month of January. You will be notified by email of your place on the schedule and also receive a courtesy text with a 30 minute ETA day of removal. No one needs to be home for this service. We will map and store your lights for efficient and consistent installation the following years.

Can I add more lights after the initial install if I want more?

Adding lights to your initial install/design is a popular option. A lot of our customers will add to their initial install in the following years as the cost goes down, since you purchase the product one time.

What if I own my own lights?

For best service, warranty and consistently of install we do not install customer supplied lights. However, we are happy to provide a free quote of  a custom design including the use of our commercial grade LED lights.

What about if the weather is bad on my install day?

Saftey is our first priority. If the working conditions are not safe, mainly as a result of excessive rain or winter conditions, on your scheduled install day, you will receive prompt correspondence with a plan to reschedule for the next available safe working day.

Do you rent the lights?

Our unique model transfers ownership of the lights to you. The first year they are custom cut to fit your roofline. At that point you own the lights and will only pay for installation and takedown the following years.

When will my lights be hung back up?

All existing customers will receive priority booking the following years with a guaranteed install slot before Thanksgiving.

What if I move or I am just renting?

A lot of our customers move or rent their house. The great thing about custom cut lights is we can easy reallocate what you have to fit any roofline. This will allow your lights to move with you and help save on the cost of the new design.

Are you insured?

We are insured with the proper coverage to ensure you and your home are protected.

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